Pain in the glass

Katie Fenton, Online Team

Facility workers at Pierce College Puyallup are replacing a broken window pane in the Arts and Allied Health Building.

Located by the vending machine and armchairs downstairs, the cracked pane has been blocked off since summer quarter. Building and Grounds Manager Dan Timmons said the cause of the broken glass is unknown. He believes the broken pane was a result of routine landscaping.

“We’ve speculated that it might have been a rock that was thrown in the air either by a weedwacker or lawn mower,” Timmons said. “The rock would have been moving so fast, I can’t imagine anyone would have actually seen it.”

The object hit the dual pane window from the outside, which means only the outer layer of glass was shattered. The inner pane remained undamaged, but facility workers closed off the area as a general safety precaution.

Timmons said in the two years he’s been at the Puyallup campus, there has been a total of four broken windows.

The most susceptible area to window damage is the College Center, where three windows had to be replaced after being chipped by rocks.

With loose gravel all around campus, Timmons said it’s nearly impossible for the lawnmowers and weed wackers to avoid hitting the rocks.

“You’re going to run over something,” Timmons said. “If we’re mowing and run over a small rock in the grass, I don’t know how you’d guard against that.”

The shattered glass in the AAH hasn’t been repaired due to time constraints. The college works with a contracting company that’s been booked all summer.

“They’ll get around to it,” student Valerie Tevlin said. “It’s not a big deal.”

Timmons said a new window, which cost $2,600, should arrive Oct. 6 and be installed Oct. 9.

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Pain in the glass

by Katie Fenton time to read: 1 min