Paddle boarding away from responsibility

Student leader Kylie Ada hosts her last event of the quarter.

Hannah PedersonReporter

As spring quarter comes to a close, Wellness and Outdoors Coordinator Kylie Ada hosted her last event: paddle boarding at Juanita Beach on Lake Washington.

“I chose this event as my last because I wanted it to be great weather and I personally love paddle boarding and don’t have many opportunities to do it,” Ada said. “I thought it’d be cool to share this activity with students who also wouldn’t have much opportunity, either.”

The 16 students and adviser Teresa Josten, met in the College Center at 10 a.m. and boarded the charter bus Ada rented to Juanita Beach.

Ada had anticipated 30 students to attend this event, but the smaller amount of students didn’t impede the trip.

After an air conditioned bus ride, the group arrived at the beach. The students went onto the grass to cover every exposed inch of skin in three coats of SPF 100 and eat Lancer Hospitality lunches.

The rental company, Northwest Paddle Surfers, provided a brief lesson on how to paddle for the 15 students who were new to the sport. Then, the group hit the water.

Boats, jet skis and wind provided challenges for those who tried to stand up and paddle, and most decided sitting was a better idea.

For two hours, students paddled and drifted their way around Lake Washington, falling off their boards, basking in the sun and wondering why even though they’d been paddling for five minutes, they didn’t seem to be getting any closer to the buoy.  

Eventually, the paddle boarders headed to the shore, dehydrated and tired, but with no regrets. The group boarded the bus and headed back to campus.

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Hannah Pederson

Paddle boarding away from responsibility

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