Other funding for students

Funding options for Pierce students

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When tuition, class fees and textbook costs begin to accumulate, students often become familiar with many ways to pay for school. Though, like most programs, there’re flaws within the financial system that can cause many students issues in the beginning of the school year.

One major issue for students is that they don’t get their money in a timely manner. Funds from standard student loans often won’t appear, or be usable, until about three weeks into the quarter.

Automatically, standard loans have a 30-day delay the first quarter in use, only after will a check be sent with the remaining balance after tuition is taken out. This leaves students falling behind in classes, or paying for textbooks out of pocket, resulting in lower grades or loss of money students can’t afford.

While financial aid may have this flaw, there’re other available options for students to use while waiting for funding. The main program in place to aid at the beginning of the quarter is the Puyallup emergency book loan application.

This allows students to get a loan from the bookstore to pay for their textbooks, which will be paid back later either out of pocket or using financial aid money. The money must be paid back a few months later, during the quarter.

This loan can be obtained by filling out a simple form, and getting it approved by the financial office.

“I was behind in my classes because I didn’t have the money for my books. When I spoke to Mr. McClinton about my problem, he told me about the emergency book loan. It was pretty simple process and I got my books that very day,” Pierce College student, Robert Dickens, said. “After I got my book loan, it was extremely easy to keep up with my class work.”

For regular students, the emergency book loan is a good option to use until funding comes through. On the other hand, for those students enrolled in the Running Start program, there’re also programs that can help with textbooks and even enrollment fees.

Both of these programs can be found by contacting Terri Carney or Valerie Frey. The fee waiver allows students to forgo paying the quarterly enrollment fee of $113.75 for full-time students. Likewise, the book loan allows students to apply for any books they need, and if the program has the money, it will fund the allocation of certain books for students to borrow for the quarter.

“The positive aspect to having a fee waiver and book loan program is helping students who may otherwise not be able to afford the opportunity to participate in the program,” Frey said.


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Other funding for students

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