Student Life website gets updated to better serve students

The Student Life website is being updated to provide more accurate information and connect with Pierce’s new website, coming soon.

Suzanne Buchholz, Senior Reporter

The website for Pierce College Puyallup’s Office of Student Life is being updated to include new information and coincide with the college’s new website launching soon.

Public Relations Senator Kiss’Shonna Curtis is in charge of the update and said there will be various aspects to it that should make the website easier to navigate, provide more helpful information and generally look more professional.

The changes will also help when the website is transferred to Pierce’s new website, which is expected to launch this spring.

“One of my goals is to just make it look more appealing,” Curtis said. “Also, when we direct students to our website, that it’s a useful resource, it’s not just something out there.”

One new feature that will be added through the update is a tab on the website for the food pantry run by the OSL. Located in the Connection Café in the College Center, the food pantry offers free, nonperishable food items to students in need.

This tab is intended to make students aware of the pantry if they hadn’t been before as well as about what’s needed should students want to donate. The page can be found under the “Resources” tab on the Student Life website.

Another aspect that will undergo change is the club handbook which was recently updated. The club handbook provides the guidelines, rules and regulations that clubs on campus must follow as well as instructions on how to start a new club. It will be accessible under the “Clubs and Communities” tab.

Changes will also be made in terms of updating current team members in the OSL, as new ones have arrived and some old ones have left, Curtis said. These updates are to ensure students have the correct information and know who’s currently working in the OSL, and can be accessed under the “Activities Board Members” and “Student Government Members” tabs.

“We’re in the process of getting their bios, adding a job description to everyone’s job and then the right photos because we have some team members from last quarter that are no longer with us,” Curtis said.

Curtis said her favorite part about the update will be the main calendar on the website, which can be accessed on the main page on the right-hand side. Before, it would list academic events and a couple of other activities occurring on campus. Now, all events run by OSL will be posted on the calendar as well.

“In our office we have events, but not everyone knows about it unless they come in or I post it on social media,” Curtis said. “But here on this new website they’ll be able to see Student Life events on the main thing, so that’s what I’m most excited about.”

Curtis said the process has been long, as she didn’t have much experience with the WordPress platform or programming before starting this project. She’s been working alongside Web Content Manager Wendy Secrist, who’s been involved with creating the new Pierce website, in order to accomplish this.

“The biggest drawback is I had no experience, so I’ve just been learning as I go,” Curtis said. “I’ve learned a lot and I’ve learned how to do things that I didn’t know how to do before. But it’s definitely a long learning process.”

Student Issadora Gragg said she hadn’t been aware that the school website was being updated or that there was even a specific site for the OSL. She said she thought both updates sounded beneficial for students who frequent the website.

“I use the website a lot,” Gragg said.

Student Amelia Pedersen also didn’t know about the update but said she uses the website frequently to log into Canvas. She thought the update would aid students who might not be experienced in navigating the site right away.

“(The updates) would be helpful for people getting into the school for the first time,” Pedersen said.

Curtis is looking forward to the completed update and new website as she thinks it’ll look better and more professional than before.

“If you go onto the website now, there’s that bar that says Pierce is getting a new website, and you click on it and you can see what the new website is going to look like, and it looks so good,” Curtis said. “Everyone’s WordPress pages or whatever kind of pages they have, they’re all going to look pretty uniform and I like that a lot, because it’s all Pierce, so I feel like every page, every department should be uniform.”

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Suzanne Buchholz

Student Life website gets updated to better serve students

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