Interior of The Old Spaghetti Factory with the trolley for additional seating.

New spot for The Old Spaghetti Factory

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The spaghetti certainly isn’t old. The restaurant itself isn’t old, either; however, there’s a new location for this Italian-style restaurant:The Old Spaghetti Factory.

In 1969, the first branch of The Old Spaghetti Factory opened in Portland, Ore. In 1971, the restaurant opened in Tacoma on Jefferson Ave., changing the lives of many people’s taste buds with its savory selections.

Having a long tradition of going to The Old Spaghetti Factory for personal birthday celebrations, this restaurant fills a special spot in the heart. It’s cozy and even smells like something of which a real spaghetti factory would smell like, but better because of the garlics and meats.   

This being said, upon hearing the news about the restaurant moving locations, a sense of sadness was triggered when reflecting on the old charm of the building, which used to be the Tacoma Paper and Stationery building. There was the trolley car, frilly lighting, historical photographs and stained glass windows.

This building will be renovated and utilized for University of Washington Tacoma students, as the campus is directly next to the restaurant.

Now, this eatery is located on Pacific Ave., not far at all from its original location. The decorations were transferred to this new spot, so there isn’t the shock of entering into a new atmosphere. It’s complete with the classic trolley car used not solely for decoration but additional seating. This is perhaps one of the coolest aspects about the restaurant. As a child, nothing beats eating inside the trolley, though anyone of any age can share the same delight.

In this location is a large banquet room that looks like something that could be inside Hogwarts castle. There’s velvet furnishings, stained glass windows and brick walls inside. The main dining room houses the trolley, and tables and booths are scattered around this focal point. There’s also a bar that takes plenty of space toward the back of the restaurant. This bar is larger than the one at the previous location.

Despite the impressive atmosphere, this restaurant has even better food. The meal prices are reasonable. With the purchase of each entree, ranging from about $9.50 to $15.95, additional items are complimentary with the meal.

Entree of Mizithra cheese spaghetti.
Entree of Mizithra cheese spaghetti.

Guests can choose to start with either soup or salad. The salads make for a tasty appetizer, specifically the creamy pesto salad dressing amongst the scattered croutons and bite-sized chunks of lettuce.  

Freshly baked bread is also complimentary. Served as a full loaf, it usually arrives to the table directly after baking. A small cup of butter accompanies it, which has a flavorful garlic taste that works nicely with the bread.

The most impressive meal item at The Old Spaghetti Factory, one of which isn’t common at many eateries, is the Mizithra Cheese & Browned Butter. This consists of browned butter soaked into noodles and on top of that a pile of shredded Mizithra cheese, making for only the most delightful sensation upon consumption. This can easily be one of those “last meal” items that someone should pick before they die.

Because this meal is rich and heavy considering all the cheese and butter, it’s easy to quickly become satisfied. And because it’s so rich, this meal should only be consumed in moderation to enjoy all its splendor.

To end the meal on a sweet note, a small scoop of either vanilla or spumoni ice cream is served, also complimentary. The vanilla is refreshing, but when presented with the choice, spumoni is the better option to take.

Overall, this experience was another great one, despite a few mishaps with the delivering of the correct food orders to our table. Yet, this didn’t change the time spent here. Considering the new location, atmosphere, quality and quantity of food, The Old Spaghetti Factory is a treat. [/responsivevoice]

5 Star Rating

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New spot for The Old Spaghetti Factory

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