Original House of Donuts opens in Puyallup

The award-winning donut shop, Original House of Donuts, moved into Puyallup on Sept. 9.

Daniel Pollock, Reporter

Puyallup doughnut lovers have gotten their way. The Original House of Donuts opened a new drive-thru Sept. 9.

The location is across the parking lot from Tiffany’s Skating Rink and a crosswalk away from the downtown Fred Meyer.

OHOD owner Tom Peterson said many Puyallup residents asked for a location closer to their homes.

“We’ve had so many customers who drive from Puyallup every day to get our doughnuts in Lakewood,” Peterson said. “They kept asking, ‘Please, please come downtown, please come to South Hill. We love your donuts, we want you to be in Puyallup.’ ”

The Puyallup location is only a drive-thru. Due to the frequent number of cars that come to the store each day, customers should be prepared to wait in line to buy their doughnuts. Peterson said the wait is an issue, but they’re working to fix it.

Because the store can fit only one employee and can’t fit a fryer, all the donuts are fried off-location. At midnight each night, donuts are made in Lakewood and then transported to Puyallup at 3:30 a.m., ready for hungry guests.

Peterson said a larger store in South Hill is a future possibility, but in the meantime he wants the company to keep its focus on quality.

“We want to build the best doughnuts by hand, made fresh every day from scratch with the original recipe from ‘59,” Peterson said. “We want to have a great guest experience where they come up, get the right product and get good, old-fashioned service.”

OHOD offers donuts ranging from bacon maple bars to old-fashioned buttermilk. The company also serves scones, turnovers and drinks, such as drip coffee and milk.

The Puyallup drive-thru opens at 4 a.m., two hours earlier than the Lakewood and Tacoma locations. Peterson said this time was specifically chosen to serve the Puyallup residents commuting to Seattle.

The Puyallup OHOD first started selling its doughnuts Sept. 9 when, according to an OHOD employee, a constant, day-long flow of customers gave testament to the chain’s popularity. The official grand opening wasn’t until Oct. 1.

Peterson also encourages students to like the OHOD on Facebook because the page posts many money-saving offers.

“We have discounts and coupons and specials on a regular basis on our Facebook page,” Peterson said.

Peterson also encourages customers to give feedback about their experience. He wants to know what they liked and what needs to be changed.

“We’d also love to hear from (customers) about what donuts they enjoy, or about their experience, or any suggestions. We love to hear from our customers,” Peterson said.

Peterson said doughnuts are great for a reward after a test or for comfort after a bad day.

“There’s nothing like a dozen donuts on the table,” Peterson said.

OHOD won Evening Magazine’s Best of Western Washington award for best doughnut shop last year and is in the running again.

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Daniel Pollock

Original House of Donuts opens in Puyallup

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