Students perform at Open Mic Night

On Feb. 25, singers, magicians, poets, comedians and dancers alike joined in the Arts and Allied Health Building Theater for the Open Mic Night.

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Singers, musicians, poets, comedians and dancers alike joined in the Arts and Allied Health Building Theater for the Open Mic Night on Feb. 25.

Recreation and Entertainment Coordinator Jesse Hamelin planned this event after a suggestion by a student.

“If students suggest something, I’ll most likely do it because it’s for the students,” Hamelin said.

Seven acts went to the dress rehearsal and 10 people performed at the event. More than 30 people attended Open Mic Night.

The event was originally planned to be hosted by Skylar and the Brit, a Pop Rock duo from Boston, Mass., but after a mix up with contracts between the OSL and Skylar and the Brit, the event was hosted by Student Advocacy Senator Perry Doidge and Legislative Senator Lubov Marchenko.

“For being told I was hosting the day of (the event), I think I did a pretty good job,” Doidge said.

Students Elijah Alderink, Peyton Tarver and Jonas Tarver performed first, playing one song with Alderink singing and the others with guitars, followed by Peyton Tarver adding a violin.

Student Gabrielle Wolf performed a stand-up comedy act. Her short autobiography, read by Marchenko and Doidge, stated she’s more qualified to win an Oscar than Leonardo Dicaprio, and that her friends describe her voice as a mix between Morgan Freeman and Mariah Carey.

“I was really nervous because I forgot what I was going to say,” Wolf said.

Following her performance, Executive Director of Operations Cole Webb danced to Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas. Webb describes his dancing as “amatuer Rap/Dubstep/pretty much whatever.”

Students and sisters Grace Thomas and Mykaela Thomas sang two of their original songs, one of them To the Day When We All Ran Free, which is about a person’s life and wanting to go back to childhood.

“The first song we did, that was the first time we sang it to anyone,” Grace Thomas said.

Their second song was called Undeserving Soul, a religion-based song. Mykaela Thomas played piano while Grace Thomas sang.

Student Ashyr Clairé then performed spoken poetry they wrote, the topics ranging from self-harm to rape culture. They began by informing the audience about the topics that’d be presented and pointing out the exits in case anyone became uncomfortable.

The first poem Clairé read was Paper Airplane, based on a paper airplane stuck on the second floor of the AAH. The second poem is called I Have a Boyfriend Now about a girl Clairé liked who got into a relationship with a boyfriend. The last poem was Clairé’s most personal one about rape culture.

“I still cry, I still don’t wear skirts,”  Clairé said in the poem. “Tell me it was all in my head when he was already in my pants.”

Student Darryl Foto presented a poetry piece called Toby, about the Americanization of a man. Then Webb performed a dance to I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas.

“I try to be music incarnate,” Webb said.

Student Abdalla Abdalla, who introduced himself as Cue, told a comical story about why someone shouldn’t go hiking at night.

The final performance was by Mykaela Thomas, who performed a poem she wrote after going through medical hardships.

Clips from the Open Mic Night are   available on The Puyallup Post website.

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Students perform at Open Mic Night

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