OSL creates digital book board

On March 15, students will be able to take part in the online book board, a project launched by the Office of Student Life.

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The Textbook Revolution continues. Starting March 15, students will be able to post on a digital book board where they can sell and purchase textbooks.

The characteristics of the book board will operate similarly to the physical board outside the computer lab in the College Center. This is the bulletin board next to the club advertising board that states “Buy books here.”  

This board is color-coded by the category of class for which the book applies to. Slips are attached to the board which contain information regarding the date the slip was posted, the textbook title, specific course, ISBN, price the seller is asking for the textbook as well as their contact information.

“The main purpose of the book board is to connect students selling books to students buying books, for the benefit of both,” Executive Director of Operations Cole Webb said.

The digital book board was originally going to be an informational component of an Office of Student Life event called RedTalks Pierce, a discussion regarding saving money on textbooks, Webb said. The event was cancelled due to scheduling, but the digital book board idea continued.

Webb predicts that this will be used by students more than the physical book board, which requires filling out a slip in the OSL.

“With the digital book board, I can sit at home in my pajamas, scan a QR code with my phone, fill out 10-12 fields in an online form, press a button, and I’m done,” Webb said. “There’s definitely a shift toward convenience with the digital version.”

This digital book board can be found here; this is where the postings can be found. For students to post on the board, they can go to here.  

Also on March 15, a pamphlet created by the OSL will be available in C210  containing QR codes for these resources and tips for sharing or loaning a textbook. Online resources for textbooks sold at places like Amazon and Bigwords will also be included on the pamphlet with a link.

“It’s meant to be cooler, faster, and less work (both for students and student leaders) than the physical book board,” Webb said.

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OSL creates digital book board

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