On the two-year plan

Students on the two-year-plan




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Pierce College Puyallup students Artrell Fisher and Serena Maldonado discuss their reasons behind earning their associate degrees in nursing.

Fisher’s desire for going into nursing is based on his desire to help others. He says there’s no better way to do so.

He chose to pursue his two-year degree in order to go into working sooner where he’ll get direct experience. Fisher says if he continues to enjoy his field of work, than he will go back for additional schooling.

Fisher says it has been difficult being an out-of-state student from Houston, Texas, but he also says that he’s been encouraged to believe in himself, especially by his teachers.

“Believe in yourself like your teachers believe in you,” Fisher said. “You’ll be successful.”

Fisher also wants students to keep strong in their educational pursuits.

“Knowledge is power,” Fisher said. “Never give up. When in doubt, pray about it, or meditate depending on your religion.”

Paralleling to Fisher, Maldonado also plans on going into nursing to help people, but she has a certain memory attached to her ambition.

When she was a young girl, Maldonado would care for her grandmother when she was ill. This prompted Maldonado to pursue a career in the medical field.

Maldonado moved forward in becoming a medical assistant, but she says she wanted more.

“I use to be a medical assistant,” Maldonado said. “It was limiting in what I could do, so it perpetuated me to want to do more.”

It was this decision that started her schooling into the Pierce College nursing program.

Maldonado’s reason behind not pursing a four-year degree is based on affordability. She says she has a family to take care of, but if she has a chance later on in life, she would like to earn her four-year degree.

Maldonado says she’s excited to be on-track in her program and passing her classes.

Pierce College Puyallup student Joe Duke has plans that take a different direction.

He says that he’s interested in either pursing the military or a career as a firefighter after earning his associate degree in general studies. Duke says he’ll choose the one that brings the most excitement.

“I am hoping to do something fun like jump out of airplanes or witness explosions,” Duke said.

In terms of going through additional schooling, Duke says that he may do so later on in life if it’s required to get a promotion.

He says individuals who try to obtain a four-year degree should do so if it’s required for the individual’s career, or if he or she has scholarship funds to pay for it. Otherwise, student loans will become a financial burden.

At this point, Duke has enjoyed going to school at Pierce College Puyallup, and that his classes have been straightforward.

Pierce College Puyallup student Linda Nygard contrasts to this situation. As a single mother with two teenagers, Nygard plans to go to work immediately after earning her two-year degree to become a medical coder.

She chose this job because it’s in high demand, and she can find work with the skill it provides anywhere.

Although Nygard is earning her two-year degree presently, she says she hopes to pursue her four-year degree once her children have moved out of the house.

“I have the vision of a four-year degree,” Nygard said. “but down the road a little bit.”

However, earning her four-year degree is deeper than searching for additional job opportunities.

“It’s the desire of accomplishment, not just gaining more work opportunities,” Nygard said.

Although college has been challenging, Nygard is happy her teachers are understanding.

“It has been a struggle between juggling family and school,“ Nygard said. “The teachers are amazing and work with your situation.”

Choosing between a two-year and four-year degree is dependant on the individual’s situation. However, these students at Pierce College say their two-year degree program has the potential to enhance their lives.


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On the two-year plan

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