On the four-year plan

Being on the 4-year-plan




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Kendra Nelson might soon be known as Nurse Nelson. Nelson, a Running Start Student at Pierce College Puyallup, plans to earn a four-year degree at a Washington state college and then go into the medical field for nursing or another related career.

She hopes to transfer to University of Washington Tacoma.

“I’m excited to start a career,” Nelson said.

Nelson has enjoyed her time at Pierce, especially with regard to the campus and friendliness of students and staff.

She believes that students should base the extent of their education on their desired occupation.

“It just depends on how far they want to go with their education and what field they want to go into,” Nelson said.

Abby Ashcraft plans to become an American Sign Language interpreter. Before she can begin her career as an interpreter, however, Ashcraft will complete a bachelor’s degree.

Ashcraft is excited for the next step towards her career, but she will miss Pierce College as well.

“I really like it here. I will be as sad to leave as I am excited to go to another school,” Ashcraft said.

Ashcraft attributes her love of Pierce College to her positive interactions with staff and her enjoyment of her classes.

Ashcraft supports students making the decision to continue their education if they have a well-formed career plan.

“I think it is food for people to get a bachelor’s degree if it’s to go into a certain field or in pursuit of a certain career. If it’s just for the sake of ‘having a degree,’ then I don’t think it’s worth that much time and money,” Ashcraft said.

Pierce College Puyallup student Troy Leven has music on his mind. Leven is a music major at Pierce College and will obtain higher degrees in music education and theology or biblical counseling at Utah State University.

“I will earn my associate degree at Pierce, then a bachelor’s and master’s in music education from Utah State and a degree in theology or biblical counseling,” Leven said.

Leven has enjoyed his time at Pierce College, but he has been at the college for more than the typical two-year period and is ready to transfer.

“My time at Pierce has been drawn out,” Leven said. “I’ve enjoyed my time here, but I’m looking forward to moving on.”

Leven believes that because of the competitive nature of the job market, students should do their utmost to earn at least a bachelor’s degree.

“The job field is competitive, even in non-specific fields, like just working in retail,” Leven said. “Companies can afford to be picky these days and a degree speaks highly of your dedication to a goal, which is highly desired by employers.”

Lauren Leger, 18, is ready to make the transition from being a student to becoming a teacher. Leger plans to transfer to Boise State University in Idaho to complete a master’s degree in education.

She hopes to become an elementary school teacher, and with competition for teaching positions in schools increasing, a master’s degree is nearly a requirement.

Leger said that Pierce College has exceeded her expectations; she has learned more about herself as a student and made new friends.

Although Leger has enjoyed Pierce College, she is prepared and excited to transfer.

“I am very excited to transfer,” Leger said. “Pierce was a great stepping stone, but I’m ready for the full, independent college life.”

Leger stressed the importance of obtaining a higher degree for educational and career purposes.

“I think people should get a higher degree because you have your whole life to learn. You may as well get all you can out of it, especially if you love your field of study,” Leger said. “The more knowledge, the better. Plus, the bigger paychecks aren’t too bad!”


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On the four-year plan

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