Obama wants you to be an engineer

Obama wants to make America more engineer oriented.

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Sarah Balough


President Barack Obama will retain his position as commander-in-chief for the following four years, in addition he also will retain his plan to train 10,000 new American engineers each year.

This push in primarily to help reinforce stability in the private sector while the president addresses the nation’s high unemployment levels by increasing the number of skilled workers in careers where unemployment is relatively low. For this career pathway engineering is the profession that best suits president Obama’s plan.

The unemployment rate for engineers in 2010 when the president started the push was at 4.5 percent. Software engineering was at an unemployment rate of 4.6 percent and all other computing professions was at 5.4 percent as indicated by the U.S Labor Department.

In 2012 the U.S. had just less than two million engineers in the work force. Of those software engineers made up nearly half of those active in the work force. Obama intends to increase this number by 10,000 engineers every year.

“We’ve made incredible progress on education, helping students to finance their college educations, but we still don’t have enough engineers,” Obama said in 2010.

To increase the enrollment of students entering engineering fields, private sector companies have started to promote science, technology, engineering and math education. These companies also offer students incentives to finish degrees and help universities fund the programs necessary to train the new work force. The private sector in 2010 has almost doubled the number of engineering internships offered.

Increasing the number of engineers would cause the current market to grow by 8 percent each year. This number would be the percentage of engineers with bachelor’s degrees entering the work force. With the 8 percent increase the number of graduates would be boosted just more than 13 percent.

This increase was designed to encourage students to earn their master’s degree or doctorates.

Currently, the number of graduates entering the science, engineering, technology and math fields are outnumbered by the number of those entering visual arts and performance arts majors.

It’s Obama’s intent to change this and make America a more engineering friendly country by increasing the number of undergraduate degrees in the sciences and engineering. The U.S. currently is ranked 27th in the world in these fields among developed countries.

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Obama wants you to be an engineer

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