Student poetry submission: November Bird

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Meg Low, Student
Poetry Submission

“November Bird”

Fly across the ocean and I’ll
Hang my own trapeze
Spanning from the rooftops
Steady over stormy seas

Sing me something selfish, rhythm
Drowning wounded words
Free from substance, truth, can you
Do that November bird?

I’d close you in the locket dangling
Senile from my sleeves
But in my hands you turn to wind
Though I beg you not to leave

Fly across the ocean, Dear I’ll
Somehow learn to live
Day by daydream my nightmares I
Can’t forget, forgive

I can’t recognize myself for the
Pain you painted me
‘A little red looks good on you’
Well, if that’s what you think

Could you bring me back the moon since
I can’t walk the sky?
I’d gladly trade this blue earth
For gray black and white

Fly across the ocean can I
Meet you in the west?
I’ll chase you bird, until my lost
Heart withers in my chest

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Student poetry submission: November Bird

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