Make your voice heard: NomiS performs at Pierce

Rapper NomiS performs album Socially Just at Puyallup.

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Alex HeldrichReporter

Students of Pierce College Puyallup gathered together in the dining commons of the College Center Building to hear rapper NomiS perform a social justice rap on February 17. The event was organized by Social Issues and Awareness Coordinator Emmalee Chamberlain with the goal of spreading awareness about current social issues.

NomiS is originally from Oceanside, Calif., but now travels the country performing at colleges, festivals, arenas, bars and street corners. According to his website, he came from a musical background and found a special connection with the culture surrounding hip-hop in grade school. NomiS went to college himself at a California State University and he has a bachelor’s degree in visual and performing arts. NomiS has released five albums including Socially Just, The Wretched, Searching for Alpha Trion, Rosario Dawson and Mouthpiece of the Lion.

NomiS was booked to perform at the Puyallup campus at the 2015 National Association of College Activities conference after Office of Student Life leaders watched him perform. Chamberlain used a process called block booking to schedule his performance, in which she chose a date and other colleges in the area picked dates around it. This saved the college money because of a discount that’s offered when colleges in a close area block book together. NomiS will also be performing at Lake Washington Institute of Technology.

“His performance will just be about current social issues,” Chamberlain said. “One issue that stuck out to me was modern day slavery, which was something I’ve already had an event about. He’ll rap about other things as well such as personal experiences.”

Chamberlain has had a couple other successful events in the past. At her modern day slavery event she had 30 to 40 people show up and about 100 people showed up to her event about the Syria crisis.

“I’m having it in the dining commons because there are people constantly filtering through rather than in the theater in the AAH, which is a place where not a lot of students go,” Chamberlain said. “I’ll have like 30 chairs set up and the tables will still be out.”

This was Chamberlain’s second winter quarter event and her first performance event, so she was excited to see how it went.

“I think social justice should be important to everybody,” Chamberlain said. “It’s kind of just common sense.”

Many of the students attending had an interest in social justice.

“I’m African American, so this hits really close to home,” student Amber Gooden said. “I already knew a lot of what he rapped about.”

For students who missed NomiS’ performance, they can access his music at either

user/nomishiphop or or connect with him at or [/responsivevoice]

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Make your voice heard: NomiS performs at Pierce

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