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Introducing the Debate Team

Kaitlyn Hall



Students who enjoy sharing and exchanging opinions on a variety of topics can now find a home for those discussions on the Pierce College Puyallup campus.

“I am hoping to describe the team experience in the slogan ‘Debate Team: where your voice matters,’” Phoebe Hobson, Debate Team president, said.

Hobson said the team will host a movie on Dec. 6.

The team is off to a gradual start, but Hobson said that the club is actively working to recruit new members.

It began with a group of students in the lunchroom who enjoyed debate.

“It’s really just for people who like to sit around and debate ideas,” adviser Aylen Rounds said.

Hobson agrees.

“The overall purpose of the debate team is to practice our logic, reasoning and argument skills in a mature, responsible and positive manner,” Hobson said.

The Debate Team hopes to host at least one debate tournament on-campus during winter quarter.

Debate Team meets on the last Friday of every month from 11 a.m.-12 p.m.


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