Nicole Compton sings the blues

Nicole Compton expresses herself through her vocal talent.



Michelle Abbott


Student Nicole Compton recently revealed her hidden love affair with music at Pierce College’s open mic night.

Compton sang her song I Lie with bluesy and gritty vocals, warranting a standing ovation from the crowd.

“Adrenaline and fear have an intoxicating effect,” Compton says. “Each time you put yourself out there on the stage it’s a challenge, but it’s also rewarding. The reward is in knowing that you’re not alone.”

Compton grasped at honesty and raw human emotion in her vocal expression. She connected with the audience and her inner voice.

“Sharing your art is putting your soul on display, and everyone needs to be heard,” Compton says.

The Beat Poets became Compton’s inspiration in the last year, and she learned to realize that poetry is about unrestrained expression. She started writing lyrics and poetry whenever she could, even on old receipts in the car when the thoughts came to her. They inspired her to pursue her love for lyrical poetry.

Compton says the Beat Poets “blew her mind” and freed her to be brave and do what she wants.

People are so busy hiding what they’ve got, and the open mic night is a time to share that with others, Compton says.

The open mic night remains one of her most rewarding experiences at Pierce College, and she wants to see the opportunity arise more often so others can share their own talents with audiences.

“I want to hear voices that are human; I want to hear voices that make me cry,” Compton says.

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Nicole Compton sings the blues

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