New security on campus

Due to recent security risks occurring on campus in the past couple of months, TSA style pat downs will be administered to all Pierce College students as they enter campus buildings. This is a direct result of the recent gun and drug charges that were issued on the Puyallup campus a couple of weeks prior.

As the pat downs begin, students will need to be sure to keep their student I.D. ready to scan and their other belongings ready to be searched for any threats that could pose a risk to students and faculty on campus.

”I’m willing to do whatever my country needs of me, even if it means receiving a pat down as I enter my classes” said patriotic  student Tom Bushwill.

“Students have to realize that this isn’t taking away freedoms, this is protecting everyone’s freedom to have a safe college campus free of drugs or violence. We are only trying to help protect students, and if that means mandatory pat downs then that means mandatory pat downs. End of story” said the Chief of the Pierce College Patriots Committee, Patrick Washburn.

Pat downs are set to begin near the end of spring quarter until further notice.




















































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New security on campus

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