New locks key to a safer campus

Pierce is making it’s way towards safer conditions with new door locks.

Anna Foster

Outdated manual locks on doors around campus are slowly being phased out for modern ones.
The replacement has already happened on the doors of classrooms, advising and registration offices and some of the labs in the Administration building. Sergeant supervisor, Maureen Rickertsen, for security at the Puyallup campus says the goal is to eventually replace every lock on campus.
The change wasn’t prompted by a specific security incident. Rather than a retaliatory measure, the new locks are preventative. The Administration building was the first building built on campus and didn’t have a lockdown procedure in place.
“Now that they’re on these locks, we can lock them off of the computer. One button will lock everything,” Rickertsen said. “If something did happen, I wouldn’t have to get back into this office to lock them down. I could call Steilacoom and we can lock each other down.”
After the Administration building has all of its locks replaced, the Library Science Center will follow.
The response to the locks seems to be positive thus far. Staff members in the advising office said they appreciated the ease of the new lock system; they can now scan their ID badge rather than needing a specific key for each lock. The access each badge has is predetermined according to the staff member’s needs, so each badge allows employees into certain rooms.
Although the new locks have keypads, the staff doesn’t know the codes to enter the different rooms, which only makes security tighter.
“You don’t have to worry about someone watching you enter the code as you enter,” said Cynthia Depoe, student success testing center coordinator, “if they don’t have the badge, they don’t get in.”
The locks are a proactive rather than a retaliatory approach to keep students and employees secure on campus. It allows both campuses to communicate and protect each other – something manual locks weren’t able to provide.
“I think with the way the world is becoming, we need it. We need some lockdown procedures, something to keep everybody safe,” Rickertsen said.

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New locks key to a safer campus

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