New grading policy winter quarter

Pierce College students will need to earn a 1.0 or higher to pass courses.


Chris Bonner


Starting winter quarter, Pierce College will implement a new grading policy for students.

Currently, a grade of 0.7 or higher is required for a passing grade. The revised policy will require students to earn a grade of 1.0 or higher in order to pass a course. Any grade lower than 1.0 will be recorded on their transcripts as an “F” grade of 0.0.

This change puts Pierce College in line with the highest required standards in Washington state.

“We’re just lining up with other schools,” said Els Deming, director of enrollment services.

While some universities accept grades as low as 0.7 when evaluating transcripts, others require a 1.0. The updated policy will ensure that students transferring from Pierce College will be able to transfer their credits.

The policy initially was slated to take effect fall quarter, but the change was delayed to give faculty and administrators adequate time to prepare.

“We needed to make sure everybody was in the loop,” Deming said.

The policy change brings Pierce in line with guidelines for transfer practices published by the Intercollege Relations Commission, which is composed of representatives from all baccalaureate-granting institutions in Washington. Currently, guidelines specify a “D” grade or higher should be accepted in transfer.

Changes such as this one are posted on the college website and published in the online college catalog.

Students should check for changes at least every quarter to avoid being taken by surprise.

“We encourage students to look at our policies…so they are aware of all expectations,” Deming said.


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New grading policy winter quarter

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