New contract requires profs to post grades on Canvas

Matthew J. Walker

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Pierce College’s faculty contract has been voted on and it includes salary increases for adjunct faculty, as well as now requiring professors to use Canvas for grading purposes. The contract comes with implications for both students and professors—these faculty contracts are renegotiated and voted upon every three years.

Both full-time and adjunct faculty will receive an increase in pay, and all professors on campus will be required to use Canvas for grading—a change that students may find beneficial. John Lucas, a political science professor at Pierce, believes this contract will be beneficial for both students and faculty alike.

“(Adjunct and full-time faculty) are sort of frustrated for being underpaid, and having to take extra classes to make ends meet,” Lucas said. “I think for students to have teachers that are sort of burned out and feeling underappreciated—it’s not a good recipe for getting the best motivated and committed work from people.”

Lucas said he was hopeful that the latest salary increases will help reduce some of the burnout and stress professors are suffering, leading to better instruction in classes.

According to Pierce College Federation of Teachers President Curt Warmington, the increase in salary for adjunct faculty is substantial: a 6% increase in pay in the 2019-2020 academic year, and a 4.5% increase in the following year. He said there’s a lot more to the contract than just the salary increase and Canvas grading requirement—some good, some bad, but he’s overall happy with the work.

“I think it’s a good contract for the college,” said Warmington.

“It will be something that will make adjunct faculty working conditions a lot better, and that will—I think also make it better for students.”

The contract was officially passed on Nov. 14, after going through a vote by the faculty and the trustee board. It was unanimously voted in favor by the Pierce faculty

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Matthew J. Walker

New contract requires profs to post grades on Canvas

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