Nerd Wars: Episode 1 Battle of the Fandoms

Tyler McMahan

The Webster definition of fandom is the state or attitude of being a fan. Fandoms today have a whole culture around them with conventions and websites dedicated to solely immersing into the world  fans feel when they enjoy their obsession.

Fandoms come in different shapes and sizes, from the sci-fi genre to the fantasy centric films and books. With so many differing types of fandoms, there are wars between the fandoms on which one’s better.

For instance, the Star Wars fandom has two sides the original trilogy set the story line and universe that Star Wars is known for, and when the reboot occurred in the early 2000s, fans were excited but also hesitant.

And once the story had been changed in ways that the original fans didn’t like, there was a war at hand between those who like the new trilogy compared to the older.

Now while this internal war still rages on, the Star Wars fandom has another sci-fi genre-based fandom come up and wage a war of universes. Star Trek, being a popular TV series and more recently become even more popular with a hit movie series, has proven to show that the sci-fi universe can go in many directions.

Fans of Star Wars and Star Trek argue over what makes more sense in the world of sci-fi and with midichlorians or if the Volcan culture is more superior and other aspects of the genre like these.

Outside sci-fi is the fantasy genre with the main fandoms waging war being Harry Potter and Twilight.

Both of the franchises were in their prime beginning in the early 2000s and continued until the mid-2010s. While they come from opposite ends of the fantasy spectrum the fans found they fought with one another over small things.

One debate that has occurred between these two fandoms is the concept of werewolves. In Twilight, Native Americans turn into giant wolves because of some ancient pact they made. In Harry Potter people are bitten without choice and then turn into half-human half-wolf creatures and lose their minds in the process.

While this argument continues, there are others, but lets not touch if vampires should burst into flames in the sunlight or sparkle.

Next is the fight between the fandoms of Doctor Who and Sherlock that have just recently become a strong force in pop culture and have two extremely intelligent people being compared.

While both come from different genres, Doctor Who is sci-fi while Sherlock could go under the drama genre; they both have a snarky lead. Now whether one is smarter than the other the fans may never know but it doesn’t stop them from throwing out their facts in the attempt to prove it.

One of the longer fights that have been going on and is brought up about every 10 years of so is that of the fight between DC and Marvel.

Many comparisons could be made and are whether Batman or Tony Stark uses their money to be better heroes, or who is more indestructible: Superman or Thor.

Of course, there’s the comparison of whether or not Marvel and DC have such different styles and which one’s better when it comes with the stories and trials the heroes go through.

When they’re fandoms that have similarities or not, there’s going to be fighting about whether one thing is better than another and a fandom wouldn’t be a fandom unless there was conflict of opinion with its fans.

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Nerd Wars: Episode 1 Battle of the Fandoms

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