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Nearly 8,000 Boy Scout volunteers linked to sexual abuse

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Eleise Ashley

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The Boy Scouts of America is considering filing for bankruptcy after decades-long sex abuse was revealed.

Findings were recently released linking almost 8,000 volunteers to sexual abuse, going back 75 years.

The discovery was made by Janet Warren, a professor at the University of Virginia. In an article by the New York Times, Warren said she was hired by the youth organization to review data known as the perversions files. These files contained information on volunteers who were no longer affiliated with the organization due to allegations of sexual abuse.

After reviewing the files, with instances occurring between 1944 and 2016, Warren identified 7,819 alleged abusers and 12,254 victims. Critics say the actual numbers could be much higher since many incidents probably went unreported.

The Boy Scouts released a statement last month saying that every case of suspected abuse has been reported to law enforcement.

The organization went on to apologize to anyone who has been hurt during their time with the Boy Scouts and are outraged that there have been times when people have taken advantage of the youth program to abuse children.

Lawyers from all over the country are now accepting clients who want to sue the Boy Scouts for alleged sexual abuse during their time with the organization.

Attorney Tim Kosnoff and his team, who have handled sexual abuse lawsuits in the past, have signed 186 clients who want to file cases against the Boy Scouts, according to AP News.  These clients have named 166 volunteers who went unidentified in previous files.

As the organization works to settle the lawsuits, officials say the Boy Scouts are considering Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Dallas-based attorney Michelle Simpson Tuegel said filing for bankruptcy is a tool some  organizations use to protect assets and avoid having to reveal information. She went on to state that bankruptcy could benefit the Boy Scouts and prevent any payouts to plaintiffs.

Representatives for The Boy Scouts said a decision regarding filing for bankruptcy has yet to be made by the organization.

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Nearly 8,000 Boy Scout volunteers linked to sexual abuse

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