Musician of all sounds

Profile of a local musician shows true talent.

Daniel Malgren


Music is an aspect of life that affects all people one way or another. Bryce Sanders’ strong passion for music began earlier than most individuals.

“My mother says I would hum songs before I could even talk,” Sanders said.

He reluctantly took piano lessons for three years, but his attitude changed when he received his sister’s old iPod Shuffle. He began to see music in a different light.

“I dug my sister’s miniature guitar out of the back of her closet,” Saunders said. “[I] learned how to tune it, and began to play. I also began to discover a new joy in playing the piano.”

The following month, he was enrolled in guitar lessons at a local music store.

Sanders has expanded his ability, branching into new instruments, including the organ, bass and folk instruments such as the mandolin and ukulele. He also has plans to study orchestral instruments such as the violin and cello.

When it comes to sitting down to pen his own ideas, Sanders is influenced by styles including dubstep, jazz, pop, alternative and metal.

“I feel that anyone who dislikes a type of music simply does not know how to enjoy it,” Sanders said.

Sanders shares his passion for music with anyone who will listen.

“I feel an overwhelming need to spread my music,” Sanders said. “I love performing for people, so I have looked for as many opportunities as I could find to do just that.”

Sanders currently volunteers as an entertainer at the Washington State Soldiers Home in Orting and a piano player at his church.

The progressing difficulty of creating a career in the music universe hasn’t hampered Sanders efforts in making music his profession. Sanders goal is to perform in a band.

“I would love more than anything to play on a lighted stage in a giant stadium,” Sanders said. “Not because I want to be famous—goodness, I don’t want that.”

Sanders’ dream first sparked in 2013 while attending a Muse concert in Seattle.

“It was one of the happiest moments of my life,” Sanders said. “If I could make people feel like that every day, I would truly be happy.”

Music has many meanings, many dimensions to Sanders.

“Music is my greatest passion, my most beloved hobby and my favorite headache,” Sanders said.

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Musician of all sounds

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