New club attends Vince Staples concert

The Live Music Appreciation Club is a recent addition to the Puyallup Campus. The club’s first event took 20 students to the Vince Staples concert on March 2 at the Neptune Theatre.

Amber GillilandSenior Reporter

Twenty Pierce students and faculty traveled to Seattle on March 2 to witness rapper Vince Staples take the stage of the Neptune Theatre.

The Live Music Appreciation Club, a recent addition to the Puyallup campus, made this event possible.

The LMAC was founded by Recreation and Entertainment Coordinator Jesse Hamelin.

“The Live Music Appreciation Club was created to give Pierce College students who enjoy going to concerts and shows an opportunity to share their interests with other Raiders,” Jesse Hamelin said.

Club president Jade Hamelin said she became involved in the club because she wanted a way to see more local artists and meet her peers.

“I’m excited about meeting people with different interests,” Jade Hamelin said.

At club meetings, the group discusses shows they’re interested in attending. The events are paid for with club funding, so students attend free of charge. This allows attendance for students who might not have been able to afford to go. Tickets for the Vince Staples show were $18.50 per person, plus fees from the venue’s website.

The Vince Staples concert was the club’s first event.

“I think everyone had a great time,” Jesse Hamelin said. “The event itself went very smooth; we didn’t have any problems.”

Jade Hamelin said she enjoyed the event because she got to spend time with other students.

“My favorite part about the evening was just the positive vibes from my group and the music all around,” she said.

The mosh pit at the show was also a memorable experience for the group.

“One of our group members actually accidentally got herself in the mosh pit, but she was fine,” Jade Hamelin said.

LMAC gives students more than just the opportunity to see bands for free. Jesse Hamelin said that students can learn about the process of planning events.  

“We choose which show we want to attend and make all the plans for the event,” Jesse Hamelin said. “I think it’s good because it also teaches students about event planning. It’s very rewarding to see your planning come together to an event that brings happiness to students.”

Sociology professor and club adviser Daniel Suh said  LMAC also gives students an interesting way to gain new experiences.

“I found that the music club’s desire to attend a variety of live music events would be an intriguing way of experiencing diverse genres of music and culture,” Suh said.  “This adheres to one of our institutional goals of promoting multiculturalism.”

Another reason Suh agreed to advise the club was because it’d allow him to connect with more students, he said.

“I want to support their interests and advocate for students to interact with one another beyond the campus,” Suh said.

LMAC meets on Wednesdays at noon in the Office of Student Life.

“We encourage anyone who’s interested to come to our meetings and make suggestions for upcoming concerts,” Jesse Hamelin said.

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New club attends Vince Staples concert

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