Movie Review: Twilight: Breaking Dawn (Part 1)

As someone who still has my ticket stub from the midnight premiere for Twilight in 2008, I had mixed feelings about seeing The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1. After seeing the movie, I still have mixed emotions. On one hand, I feel that as clumsy as Breaking Dawn was at times, all painfulness in the terrible plot and the awkward acting was resolved through laughter.

The comic relief provided throughout the film showed how well the creators can market a film that has an audience age range from grandchild to grandparent. People have read these books together. Readers have grown up from book to book and movie to movie.

One several occasions these moments of comic relief became so prominent. Charlie, Bella’s dad, softened the incredibly awkward wedding scene. In fact, seeing all of the characters together for the wedding really relieved the weirdness from the marriage. Some drama was stirred up the night before the wedding, which made me feel as if the couple could have used a good marriage counselor. But the moviemakers couldn’t help the plot, so at least I can congratulate them for making the scene bearable. Also, the editors sped through the vows, providing a foreseeable end to how uncomfortable I felt as I watched the wedding of two people, who hardly understand themselves, get married.

If I thought the wedding scene was awkward, the bedroom moment in the honeymoon hut was worse. Don’t see this movie with your parents or children. Just don’t. I wouldn’t have minded seeing a little less of their first night as husband and wife because just blankets and nice background music to distract from the fact they were deflowering themselves wasn’t enough. Walls would’ve been more appropriate because you still could hear the crashing and the breaking of headboards through walls and gotten a similar effect. I’m not being prudish. I’ve seen worse in my French film class and I genuinely enjoy romantic films. Bella and Edward are two of the most awkward characters ever created and it was so uncomfortable that the scene was incapable of being romantic.

A few other elements annoyed me because, of course, Edward and Bella couldn’t just be happy in what appears to be paradise on earth. It’s like these characters are programmed to be miserable as Edward’s insecurity about their first romantic encounter grows into “Bella and Edward’s abstinence. Take two.”

As soon as the real conflict begins, which is after Bella gets pregnant, then the movie developed into an interesting action and almost medical mystery movie. The ending is really good for the first half of a two-part finale. Bella degenerates into a skeleton because of her pregnancy complications. I almost want to call this movie Corpse Bride II because she was so sick, especially during the birth. Don’t bring the squeamish to this movie because it’s so nasty. I extend my respect to the makeup artists for that scene.

The movie’s ending had just enough resolution to leave me content and yet enough of a cliffhanger that I’m probably going to see Part II.

A few little items bothered me about the movie such as on Edward and Bella’s honeymoon. On the night they arrive from the wedding, Bella already is tanned. I thought Bella was supposed to never tan, but she’s was glowing and golden. Also, at the end of the movie, the wolves talk, but their voices were like the old school Power Rangers voices, overly processed and overly dramatic.

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Movie Review: Twilight: Breaking Dawn (Part 1)

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