Movie review: The Three Musketeers

Three renowned heroes of the past, the famous three musketeers, fight in the name of the king.


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The Three Musketeers

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A cocky young Musketeer ready to take on whatever sword fights and mischief comes his way is set on winning the heart of a princess.

Three renowned heroes of the past, the famous three musketeers, fight in the name of the king.

This movie includes intense, fast-paced and innovative action scenes, betrayal, evil scarred villains, mutiny, conflict between major world powers and a star-studded cast. The Three Musketeers is the modern-day adaptation of a timeless classic.

At the beginning of The Three Musketeers, Milady (Milla Jovovich), a member of the Musketeers, betrays the trio and gives the plans of a weapon of mass destruction to France’s enemy, England, via The Duke of Buckingham (Orlando Bloom). With spirits withered, the Musketeers retire until an aspiring musketeer named D’artagnan (Logan Lernman), inspires the Musketeers to come out of retirement during a battle in which the four of them take on 40 guards.

The king is impressed and the Three Musketeers are hired, with the new addition of D’artagnan. Milady, still working for England, tries to initiate a war between England and France by double crossing the Duke of Buckingham and helping Frances Cardinal (Cristoph Walts) frame the queen with having an affair with the Duke of Buckingham.

Throughout the movie the Musketeers’ goal is to sabotage the framing of the queen and keep peace in France.

The action scenes in The Three Musketeers were particularly good. I typically don’t like stereotypical and mind numbing action films, but I thought that The Three Musketeers was innovative and fast paced. This came as a surprise to me because when the movie trailer on TV showed Jovovich flying through the air in slow motion and sliding under arrows shooting inches from her face, I thought that it looked all too familiar.

The slow motion reminded me of the overuse in The Matrix series, and frankly I wasn’t looking forward to seeing it.

When I did sit down and watch the movie I found that slow motion was used sparingly and that the action sequences were refreshing and new.

The Three Musketeers still had mind numbing qualities, but overall, I found the movie to be really entertaining. I thought it had a great cast selection, a decent soundtrack and was well put together. The acting was also great with the exception of Bloom and Jovovich. This is the first movie I’ve ever seen where Bloom played a villain and he was pitiful.

He was the exact same character he was in all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and Lord of the Rings and the adaption to evil qualities was a fail. I honestly am not a fan of Jovovich and I think she also repeated the exact same role she played in all of the Resident Evil movies, which I hate to admit were also poorly acted.

All in all, this movie had action and romance, and was highly entertaining. I would recommend it to any age group that can stand a little bit of gore.


I give it 4 stars.

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Movie review: The Three Musketeers

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