Movie review: Sisters

Amber GillilandSenior Reporter

To say that Sisters is funny would be an understatement. The film has a great cast, and the duo of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey always makes for a great film.

In the film, Poehler plays Maura Ellis, a character similar to Poehler’s role in Parks and Recreation. She’s silly, awkward and protective.

Fey is Poehler’s sister in the film and while the two may not look much alike, their chemistry onscreen is as believable as any real-life sisters.
Fey’s character, Kate Ellis, is a drinking, chaotic mother who can’t keep a job or a place to live. At first, this persona is slightly hard to believe, maybe since her role as Liz Lemon on 30 Rock is a polar opposite of her role in Sisters. After a while though, it’s easy to get sucked into the film and forget about how weird it is to see Tina Fey flashing someone on screen.

In the film, the sisters’ parents are selling their childhood home, so the girls head down to Florida to pack up their childhood possessions. While the women are there, they decide to have one last major party like they used to when they were in high school.

After inviting all of their old friends, they realize that adult parties aren’t like the ragers they used to have. The girls find a way to spice up the party, which doesn’t end the way they planned.

The movie is a treat for any fans of Saturday Night Live, as many other SNL actors made appearances in the film including Rachel Dratch, Maya Rudolph and Bobby Moynihan.

A surprise performance from John Cena brought extra humor and the sexual tension between his character and Kate permeated the screen.

Certain parts of the film dragged slightly but most of the scenes had the audience laughing hard.

Sisters is a great girls night movie and it’s easy relatable to a wide audience.

4 Star Rating

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Movie review: Sisters

by Amber Gilliland time to read: 1 min