Movie review: Roommate

This movie is about every college student’s nightmare: what their roommate will be like.




This movie is about every college student’s nightmare: what their roommate will be like.

Sara Matthews (Minka Kelly) and her mentally disturbed dorm rate Rebecca (Leighton Meester) seem to have a fairly normal roommate relationship to outsiders looking in-which is the scariest part of the movie.

Don’t let the fact that this movie is only rated PG-13 turn you away.

This horror movie will have you screaming and covering your eyes with the rest of the audience. Meester’s impressive ability to portray herself as a psychotic stalker is what brings the movie alive.

Kelly presented herself as a party girl in college with no trouble at all.

As far as stars in the movie go, character Sara Matthew’s boyfriend Stephen (Cam Gigandet) is the topping on the cake with his good looks and “perfect boyfriend” personality.

The scenes are set up so perfectly without any flaws that if you were psychotic-you could probably pull them off without a trace of evidence.

From the beginning of the movie, when Meester hunts down character Sara’s best friend in the dorm bathroom late at night in attempt to get Sara all to herself, is when the goosebumps begin to appear.

And from that moment on-the terror inclines all up until the very last moment in the movie when….

I will let you figure out that mystery alone.

If you would like to know what signs to look for in a crazy roommate before you head off to a four-year college then you should check out this movie, playing now in theaters.

In the case that you don’t go see The Roommate, then I have some words of advice for you: Choose your roommate carefully, and never go to the bathroom alone.


I give it: Four out o five stars


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Movie review: Roommate

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