Movie Review: Oblivion

Joe Dennis gives low rating for the 2013 movie Oblivion.


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Joe Dennis


Too many questions are left unanswered after sitting through Oblivion.

Directed by Joseph Kosinski, Oblivion is a notably forgettable movie with so much CGI that it makes the Star Wars prequels look tame. The story seems like it’s ripping off plots from movies such as Wall-E and The 6th Day except it’s utterly unfocused and boring.

While Oblivion fails to entertain, it fortunately stars Morgan Freeman to keep the audience’s attention while it decides to take a break between the fast-paced CGI-crammed action scenes for exposition.

If Tom Cruise’s character was any more brooding, unfunny and serious, he may be mistaken for Max Payne. The backgrounds range from decent to computer generated garbage where the fakeness will overload the viewer with the sheer laziness at how some of the sets are designed.

Without giving too much away, Cruise and Andrea Riseborough are assigned to fix drones and drain Earth of all its water for humanity’s new colony on a Venus moon named “Titan.” Amid fixing drones, Cruise also must fight off supposed aliens that plunged to Earth into chaos resulting in every nuke getting launched leaving nothing but deserts and gray flatlands.

Following the scripts of most terrible end-of-the-world movies, there is one tiny enclosed forested valley with clean water and birds that has somehow miraculously survived the apocalypse.

The tragedy known as the storyline and romance is both confusing and unrealistic. It gives the impression that these people are soulless monsters.

The relationship between Risenborough and Cruise is creepy and unimportant considering the true relationship between Cruise and his wife (Olga Kurylenko).

The reason he can’t remember her is because he had a mandatory memory wipe five years ago, which actually turns out to be a memory wipe that occurred 60 years ago.

Everything from the ship to the drones are CGI, which takes away from the creativity of using real special effects and actual cockpits for flight scenes that make up a majority of the film.

If the film engaged the audience in action instead of running computer simulations of fight scenes between humans and drones then it could’ve been somewhat exciting.

Frankly, this movie will give a déjà vu feeling to the audience member who has seen movies involving cloning or human beings trying to survive in the ruins of a former earth. But it never delivers nor gets the viewer to care.

Oblivion isn’t memorable in the grand scheme of cinema, and given the trend in most of Cruise’s current movie roles, it will be another failed attempt in the actor’s comeback.

I give it: 2/5 stars.

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Movie Review: Oblivion

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