Movie Review: Lincoln

Joe Dennis reviews the movie “Lincoln” as phenomenal.



Joe Dennis


Lincoln, directed and produced by Steven Spielberg, is not only a phenomenal film but allows the audience to understand the struggles and hardships Abraham Lincoln went through near the end of the Civil War.

This movie shows that Spielberg used his time wisely taking the 12 years of production on this film to accurately construct the characters, scenery and storyline.

The film shows how Lincoln dealt with the hardships and challenges of passing the 13th Amendment, an amendment that would not only end the war but to ensure freedom for African Americans.

The superbly cast Daniel Day Lewis fits the melancholy role of Lincoln so well it’s scary.

Tommy Lee Jones’s portrayal of Radical Republican Congressional leader Thaddeus Stevens is a scene stealer.

His dialogue, like Lincoln’s, is intelligent and well thought out, especially on the topic of whether former slaves should be considered free and equal citizens of the U.S.

The movie not only builds upon Lincoln as a leader but also as a father and husband. Scenes that involve him and his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln (Sally Field), focus on how both are still suffering from the loss of their sons Edward and Willie Lincoln.

Mary Todd Lincoln is not only headstrong but shows she has her limits. Her mental health continuously and subtly deteriorates through the course of the movie.

The realistic scenery varies from calm and peaceful, to painful and somber, which accurately depicts war-torn America near the end of the Civil War.

One scene shows Lincoln on a horse riding through a battlefield with a squad of Union soldiers taking in what one could only describe as the horrors and atrocities of war.

The war itself is not played up as the Union being the heroes and the Confederacy being villains. In fact, each side is shown generally as people who just want the war to end.

The ending is emotional and intense showing not only the end of a remarkable President but of a phenomenal human being.


We think Lincoln deserves: 5/5

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Movie Review: Lincoln

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