Movie Review: An Inconvenient Truth

A review of the global warming movie An Inconvenient Truth



An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore

Sarah Balough



“Hysteria” may just be the word to use in describing Al Gore’s 2006 film An Inconvenient Truth. Through a series of slides and with some help from the Simpsons creator Matt Groening, Gore was able to project the gravity of the environmental warming crisis that was and still is happening.

While the film is seven years old the message is still the same.

As said by Gore, “We are now seeing the beginning of a climate crisis that threatens life on Earth as we know it.”

This message is even more applicable in 2013.

The film was largely criticized for an oversimplification of certain topics, but this is the only fault that scientists have found with the film, while politicians have found fault for a slight Democratic lean.

The on-screen evidence is difficult to dismiss- charts and graphs reveal frightening trends and the destructive results of Hurricane Katrina instigates the feeling of impending doom, a feeling that was the movies intention.

The film documents footage of collapsing ice shelves, data on the record numbers of storms, floods and other kinds of extreme weather, animations on the effects of rising sea levels, new diseases, photos of dying polar bears and disappearing coral reefs, all of this being a “nature hike through the book of Revelations,” according to Gore.

While Gore is not a scientist he delivers the presentation with extreme ease and a backing of research. While he digresses to tell the audience about biographical sketches that dramatize his dedication, either showing clips of him on board a nuclear submarine surfacing in the Antarctic.

Or reminiscing about the 2000 election and his sister, all of these tie back into the argument of awareness and change.

In many cases the digressions provide a respite for the viewer to understand the implications that global warming will have not only on the environment, but on the ones they know and love.

The film insists that global warming is not a political issue, instead a moral issue, and this thought is carried throughout the film. Gore also stresses that with the amount of evidence and physical happenings, there can be not controversy surrounding global warming.

Global warming being a warming process that is viewed as 100 percent real among accredited scientists and not only real, but an actively progressing threat.

Gore manages to tear down every counter attack the issue and with a few well selected graphs he shows that there is no choice between economical and ecological; instead that the two can be one in the same.

Knowledge is empowering and the knowledge about the Earth’s current environmental state opens the possibility of empowering people to make the necessary changes to preserve the entire populaces home.

This was Gore’s desire when he first started the Inconvenient Truth awareness project, and it should be the projects of all Americans, no matter how small or large their contribution is.


We think it deserves: 3/5

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Movie Review: An Inconvenient Truth

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