OSL hosts Moana Movie Night

The Office of Student Life shows Moana for students and their families.

Brenna Smark, Reporter

Every quarter at Pierce College Puyallup, the Office of Student Life hosts a movie night, an event the Activities Board has been putting together for at least 10 years.

On Jan. 27 the OSL put together another movie night in the Multipurpose Room at the bottom floor of the College Center showing the movie Moana from 5:30-8 p.m. Food was served by the OSL team in the theme of Pacific Islander to represent the background of the movie. Chicken, potato salad, fish and a seaweed wrap with rice and Spam was served along with fruit punch and water for beverages.

Tables were spread out along the dining area decorated appropriately to fit the Pacific Islander theme. Speakers were playing the soundtrack from the movie while guests were eating dinner and an area was opened up for kids to dance around and have fun.

Not a single table was empty as families gathered to experience the festive food and atmosphere of the evening.

“This is our first movie night,” student Kayla Waycaster said. “We wanted to come because it’s a great and easy way to spend time with family with very little expenses. It’s totally awesome and way better than what we expected. We’ll definitely be attending more movie nights.”

Parents attending Pierce took the opportunity to use the movie night as quality time with their kids.

“This is the second movie night I’ve brought my son to,” student Annie Sonck said. “The first one we went to was the school’s showing of Inside Out. It’s something fun to do and it’s a great way to spend quality time with my son.”

The movie nights that OSL put together have a history of success among the students.

“I think they’re successful because we have a lot of students with families who can’t take advantage of a lot of our other engagement opportunities, either because they’re busy or have responsibilities off-campus that keep them from attending,” Director of Student Life Sean Cooke said. “Going to the movies is pretty expensive these days, especially if you’re taking a family.

Family Movie Nights are an inexpensive way for our students to see a movie that hasn’t yet been released to the public and it’s one way we can try to meet their needs, connect them to the college and help them to build relationships with other students on campus, all of which increase student success rates.”

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OSL hosts Moana Movie Night

by Brenna Smark time to read: 2 min