Military Action: The Pentagon’s plan to preserve human life in the event of a zombie apocalypse

It’s true, the Pentagon has a zombie apocalypse plan of attack.

Hannah Baldwin

Ever worried about what would be the best plan of action if a zombie apocalypse were to happen? How would the human race be preserved? Well never fear, the U.S. Department of Defense is here.

Focused less on how to eliminate the threat of zombies and more on how to protect humanity under such a circumstance, the Pentagon released a training module for how to handle the zombie apocalypse.

Though the plan was only officially released to the public in May, Navy veteran and Pierce College student, Cory Fisher, remembers hearing about it after he returned from deployment.

Fisher doesn’t think much of the plan, but neither is he surprised that it exists.

“The DOD has plans for everything, like a meteor hitting the planet, an asteroid hitting the planet, or a huge tsunami taking out half the country,” Fisher said. “It makes sense that they would have a plan for a zombie invasion, however unlikely.”

Covering several different types of zombies, the plan appears to be quite thorough; however, it has faced scrutiny.

When the plan was officially announced to the public, the Huffington Post released an article titled, “If This is our Military Plan for the Zombie Apocalypse then We are Toast!”

In this article, Reporter, Michael Vlahos, criticized the plan, saying that it was too based on human reactions and that zombies were a situation where one had to think outside of the box.

“It is more like an orientation,” Vlahos said in the article. “Problem is, it announces itself as a ‘plan’ and then proceeds to walk and talk like a plan.”

Fisher shares a similar opinion, though his is more focused on the true necessity of the plan and how it may reflect upon the DOD.

“Being privy to actual DOD plans, it’s kind of a joke,” Fisher said. “It is something that the DOD came up with based out of necessity more or less because zombies have become ingrained in popular culture.”

Fisher doesn’t believe that the plan would help during the zombie apocalypse.

“In case that a zombie apocalypse actually happened, I doubt that it would be effective,” Fisher said. “When you have a plan, it never actually survives first contact with the enemy.”

The plan includes a synopsis of many different types of zombies, such as pathogenic zombies, radiation zombies, evil magic zombies and space zombies. The purpose of these is so military personnel will know how to handle the specific zombie at hand.

While the plan was created mostly for training purposes, America can rest assured that the military is trying to cover every angle for maximum protection.


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Military Action: The Pentagon’s plan to preserve human life in the event of a zombie apocalypse

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