Math Lab opens its doors

Math Lab is a place for students to relearn skills or enhance their knowledge.




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The re-launched math lab program offers an alternative route for students to bring their math skills to a higher level.

Professor Roya Sabeti, one of the developers of the new lab, explained the idea behind the math lab.

“Math lab is a way to adjust the pace for students. If you come in and know a subject, we won’t make you go through all the homework just because it’s part of the class,” Sabeti said.

This allows students to set the pace and utilize their time concentrating on the math skills which they lack.

A similar program was discontinued six years ago. While the two programs share similarities, the curriculum has been revamped to improve students’ success.

Attendance is now mandatory, and a minimum subject mastery pace has been added. Technological advancement has brought new tools to the program to help teach, monitor, and record time spent on a particular subject. It also helps faculty identify students who are struggling and find the reasons behind their problems.

“Two students have worked through five chapters in two weeks, compared to two chapters in a regular class, (without the program)” Sabeti said.

Two previous pilot classes were offered through winter and summer quarters, with fall quarter as the official launch. There are currently three daily classes and two Monday and Wednesday classes. Many of these are nearing the 32-student limit due to computer workstation limitations.

A combination of teachers, supplemental instructors or tutors from the Academic Resources and Writing Center are available at each class meeting to aid students.

The math lab is open to registration for all students, but is better suited for those that need to relearn skills or fill in knowledge gaps in their math proficiency.

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Math Lab opens its doors

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