What’s a Raider?

The Office of Student Life bought a new costume, but no major changes have been made to mascot’s appearance.

Shelby Cross, Online Reporter

Pierce College has been home of the Raiders since 1967 and that’s not going to change any time soon. Pierce bought a new mascot costume this year. It’s still a red bird that resembles a falcon. As the mascot travels to more events and sports games, a freshening of the costume is in order every few years.

There is a lot of talk recently among the athletic department about re-branding what creature a Raider is represented by. This is a result of the 50 year anniversary of Pierce College. However no final decisions have been made about changing the characteristics of the costume or logo in the future.

There were many responses to the question “what do you think a Raider mascot should look like” by students including: badger, bear, viking, cat, and “big man spartan.”

Before 2005 Pierce’s “Raider” had no mascot. In 2005 a mascot was finally chosen to represent what a Raider would look like. Pierce held a contest to choose the new mascot. The red hawk most call “Raider Bird” won and has stuck ever since.

One rule of the contest was that every submission must be gender neutral. This is most likely why a “Raider” is not represented in human form.

Pierce plans to continue being called The Raiders for the next 50 years just as it has been for the last 50 years.

This anniversary brings no changes.

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What’s a Raider?

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