Bundle up, grab your boots, and make the trek out to Maris Farms this fall.

Maris Farms provides its guests with a variety of activities, coupled with a friendly staff makes it a must visit.

Maris Farms has been a staple in the yearly calendar activities for Pierce County residents since its opening back in the year 2000.

On the weekdays, entrance fees range from $6-8$, with weekend pricing fluctuating from $12-$17.

The experience is worth the price of admission.

When entering, workers create a fun atmosphere with a greeting and smile. There are an abundance of pumpkins to see, animals to pet, and activities.

One of the highlights is the pig race. The speedy swines are colorfully named, like Boarack Obama and other presidential puns. The competitors are lined up and raced at pre-determined times throughout the day. The event brings risk-taking betters, and kids excited to watch the pigs go head to head like Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin in the Olympics.

One aspect of Maris Farms that makes it stand out was the friendliness of the workers. Adult and teen workers engage in conversation with any passerby to try and reel people into their respective event.

The catch and release of trout is a popular game. Willing participants are given a stick with fishing line, bait attached to it, and place it in a decently sized tub. Once a fish is hooked, one of the workers takes it off and releases it back into the tub, and the participant may fish again, with no time and catch limit on the game.

An interesting game for children, or even the children at heart adults is the Speleo Kave. It’s a huge box that has a maze inside. You must contort and crawl your way through multiple twists and turns to get out at the other end. Children can get through in about three to five minutes but adults typically take ten to 20 minutes, according to a worker who ran the game.

One of the main attractions and highlights of the farm is the corn maze. For the celebration of the 50th year of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, they have a questionnaire that tests your knowledge of the movie and guides adventurers through the maze.

Throughout the labyrinth, there are various high points that give an aerial view of the farm, and make for a good picture spot. The adventure typically takes around thirty minutes to an hour to complete.

Maze-runners are given the option of playing a game that resembles that of Clue to find who committed a fictitious crime on the farm. There are various checkpoints that give clues to who may have done it. Once the game is completed, investigators may take it to the main desk and claim a prize.

From the mini zip-line, and Cornucopia speedway to the pumpkin patch and playground, Maris Farms is an attraction that doesn’t disappoint and will leave anyone satisfied with their visit.

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Jared Leingang

Bundle up, grab your boots, and make the trek out to Maris Farms this fall.

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