Mariners: Will there ever be a 10th man?

True fans will stand behind their teams in good and bad times

Jackie Buckman

Seattle’s had the reputation of not having the best professional sports teams but at times was one of the most talked about. Especially with how well the Seahawks have done in the last couple seasons, Seattle fans can’t help to compare the two teams: the Mariners and the Seahawks.

The Mariners in the last few seasons haven’t done the best, making the losing streak record and constantly getting new players and managers; but have the fans changed?

“I honestly feel like a true fan tries to keep up on the games and isn’t just a fan when the team is good,” student Tyler Watt said.

Comparing the two Seattle teams is actually hard to do. The Seahawks mostly play on Sundays with the occasional Monday night football or Thursday night, but the Mariners play a lot more games throughout the week so it’s hard for a true fan to attend every game.

“It is a different kind of support since there are so many more games,” Watt said.

This season, the Mariners are hoping to make a comeback and be better than they’ve been in recent seasons. With new players like outfielder Nelson Cruz who’s already hit 14 home-runs, it’ll be rewarding to see the Mariners become exciting again.

“Well of course with them getting better, going to a game makes you feel like a little kid seeing his first game all over again and just the adventure of a season is exciting,” Watt said.

Being in Seattle during a game is overall a fun experience because fans come together for a purpose, to eat good food, be with family or friends and enjoy a baseball game.

“The overall experience of the stadium and players excites the city of Seattle,” student Konnor Bandley said.

Although Seattle has had the reputation of not being the best at times, they do, however, have the reputation of having the best fans.

“Being a true fan means following my team throughout the ups and downs in the season and supporting no matter what,” Bandley said.

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Mariners: Will there ever be a 10th man?

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