Batter up with the Mariners

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Spring has arrived, and with it comes warmer weather and blossoming flowers. But for many people in Washington, it’s also heralded the start of Major League Baseball, with several fans rooting for the Seattle Mariners. The season officially started on April 4 and will continue until Oct. 2.

Starting on April 3, Mariner’s Executive Vice President and General Manager Jerry Dipoto began announcing the team’s roster for the season, introducing new and returning players to the team.

Among the new players is Nick Vincent, whom the Mariners acquired from the San Diego Padres. Vincent’s position is right-hand pitcher, which he played during his 26 games with the Padres last season. In that season, he posted a 0-1 record and had a 2.35 earned run average, according to the Mariners official website.

Two other newcomers to the Mariners this season are Wade Miley and Jonathan Aro, both of whom were obtained from the Boston Red Sox. Miley is a left-hander who finished his previous season with the Red Sox with an ERA of 4.10 and an average of 198 innings of 3.93 ERA. Aro is a right-handed reliever with an ERA of 3.04 and has a fastball that’s measured up to 95 mph.

On March 2, the Mariners started spring training, a series of practices and exhibitions before the regular MLB season that allows new players to tryout for different rosters and positions while giving returning players a chance to practice their skills. This year, the Mariners’ spring training took place at Peoria Stadium in Arizona, which they shared with the Padres. They wrapped up their training with a 16-14 record, beating the Texas Rangers and Oakland Athletics, according to The Inquisitr.

Some students at Pierce College Puyallup said they enjoyed attending the games, but didn’t think the Mariners were playing particularly well this season as compared to previous seasons. Student Elisabeth Miner, a fan of the Mariners because of her parents, said she didn’t think there was any difference this season.

“I haven’t seen any of the games this season,” Miner said. “But my dad says they’re playing not the worst but their normal of not being good. The games are fun to go to, so it makes up for it.”

Other students don’t think the Mariners have been performing well this season. Student Alex Cole suggested a possible reason for this.

“They haven’t been doing as good since most of their team has been sold to the Yankees,” Cole said.

Still, other students were more optimistic about the Mariners’ outcome this season, despite some of them not being big fans of baseball.

“I’ve seen a few games but I’m not a die-hard fan,” student Joseph Wilson said. “I’ve heard they’ve been playing well, and it’d be cool to see them do well.”

The Mariners were pitted against the Texas Rangers on April 4 at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas. The Mariners lost 2-3, but then beat the Rangers 10-2 on April 5 and again 9-5 on April 6.

The Mariners then played and lost to the Athletics 2-3 on April 8, 1-6 on April 9 and 1-2 on April 10 at Safeco Field in Seattle.

The Mariners played and won against the New York Yankees 7-1 on April 15 and 3-2 on April 16, but lost 3-4 to April 17 at Yankee Stadium in New York City.

The Mariners lost to the Cleveland Indians 2-3 on April 19 but then beat them 2-1 on April 20 and 10-7 on April 21 at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio.

The team’s full schedule as well as promotions and events for each day can be found on the team’s website,

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Suzanne Buchholz

Batter up with the Mariners

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