Shining a light on facilities

CJ Robinson, Reporter

In a previous story, The Puyallup Post printed a story that investigated the number of malfunctioning lights in the campus parking lots.

A number of lights weren’t working properly, and the story described a new system called Megamation would help with work orders to the facilities department. Chris MacKersie, director of safety and security/assistant director of facilities, said this system would be implemented after the winter.

In a follow-up interview, Building and Grounds Manager of the Puyallup campus Daniel Timmons said the college has used the system since about 2008. The facilities department recently started using the system on a more regular basis, but it doesn’t apply to lights on campus. A number of lights still haven’t been replaced.

“There’s a ton of data entry in this program,” Timmons said. “Naming the equipment correctly, even really at this point I’m going through, fine-tuning and changing things. It’s always been working but I’d say probably in the last six months we’ve really been trying to pay attention and make it better.”

lightsTimmons attributes this increase in attention to the addition of two maintenance managers, one for each campus. He said that this gives the facilities department the ability to focus on their work.

“It’s a great tool for us to not only track our own work, but you can do a ton of stuff with this program,” Timmons said. “It’s also a great tool for the community to submit work orders.”

Even though Megamation currently doesn’t create work orders for the lights around campus, MacKersie said in the earlier interview the facilities department “regularly goes through the lights to ensure they are functioning properly,” and Timmons said that the facilities department checks the lights about two weeks before the quarter.

The informal investigation by The Puyallup Post showed that on Jan. 26, 14 lights weren’t functioning. Areas that weren’t lit included two lights in a row on the wooded path from the Arts and Allied Health Building to the Brouillet Library/Science Building, one covering a crosswalk from the AAH to Parking Lot B, two at the entrance of the path that connects Parking Lot B with the Health Education Center and two lights on the West Access Road.

An updated report shows that at least 16 exterior lights were out as of April 28 and many locations were the same as the previous report. Although the lights covering the crosswalk from the AAH to Parking Lot B and the entrance of the paths that connects the HEC and Parking Lot B were fixed, the two consecutive lights on the wooded path and two consecutive lights on the West Access Road were still malfunctioning. Other unlit areas included two lights in Parking Lot C and one on the path behind the AAH.

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Shining a light on facilities

by CJ Robinson time to read: 2 min