Making the Dean’s List: Holly Smith Dean of Arts and Humanities

Holly Smith discusses her dedication to higher education as the up coming Dean of Arts and Humanities.

Joe Dennis

Traveling in the United States, as well as internationally, can offer many possibilities when it comes to career choices.

For Holly Smith, traveling to Washington with her husband lead her to Pierce College Puyallup.

Smith has traveled to many interesting places while studying abroad.

These places include London, England, where she studied as an English major while getting the opportunity to travel throughout the United Kingdom as well.

After her time in the United Kingdom, Smith traveled to France and Spain.

She studied and traveled in the Yucatan Peninsula before heading to Canada.

Later Smith and her husband backpacked across Europe during their honeymoon. They visited Austria, Germany and Italy.

“What made me interested in them were the cultural elements, themes and diversities that are different from the Midwest,” said Smith, who grew up in Illinois.

She has been the path to becoming a dean ever since she earned her master’s degree.
What lead her to this point in her career? Smith told of her jobs while attending college to help “pay the bills.”

She worked at Hardee’s, which on the West Coast is known as Carl’s Jr, and then to working at a Fig Newton cookie factory for a while. She even worked at Walmart for a bit, and worked as a waitress at restaurants such as Red Lobster.

As a young woman, adversity was an issue that she had to face while being in a leadership position, mainly while she was living in Florida and attending the University of Florida to earn her doctorate.

When she was younger, Smith didn’t anyone who inspired her to follow a certain path. She was quite the individual as a child.

As an adult, many writers inspire her. Her real admiration though goes to Frederick Douglass in terms of what he says about higher learning.

Being dean of arts and humanities, Smith focuses on supporting student learning by working directly and indirectly with students.

Smith, a first generation college student, can relate to the struggle of having to find a own way in higher education.

She’s committed to what higher education offers and the values of education in American society. Smith sees education as a social good, not a private good. Her specific disciplines as district dean involve English, humanities, music, art, communications, drama, developmental English, digital design, language and the interpreter program.

Home life for Smith consists of an artistic husband and two dogs from the animal shelter; one being a Rottweiler and the other being a Pit bull mix.

Her husband was a ceramic artist for some time, and he now plans to return to college. This was one of the reasons the couple moved to Washington.

Her interests include traditional forms of art such as painting and sculpting, along with reading and using the E-books in the library on her iPad.

She loves visiting the Museum of Glass in downtown Tacoma.

“The visual arts are really interesting to me,” she said.

At the end of the day Smith’s hope is that students can come to her with any sort of problems they are having or achievements they have earned while they are attending Pierce College.

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Making the Dean’s List: Holly Smith Dean of Arts and Humanities

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