Making the Dean List: Lori Griffin Dean of Transitional Education

Lori Griffin offers her plans as the new Dean of Transitional Education.

Joe Dennis

Lori Griffin, dean of transitional education, has much to offer to students and faculty.

Even though she was born in Lakewood, she considers DuPont home, and considering she’s alumna of Pierce College, she considers it home as well.

Griffin, a first generation college student, can relate with students on the struggles of getting into higher education and finding their own path.

“I will always be grateful for the access to a great education and the support Pierce College provided,” she said.

She worked in the transitional education, the first district division, which provided her opportunity to have a presence at this campus and to work with the faculty.

In her new position as dean, she plans to focus on working with staff and student services to create additional programs that will help pre-college students transition from college level classes and career pathways.

Wanting older college students to help them have fun while these pre-college are going through this transition, which can be nerve racking considering the lack of time they had to acclimatize to the college environment.

Throughout the day, Griffin will talk with transitional students from basic skills programs who come to Pierce College seeking either college level programs or work force programs.
She talks to these pre-college students about the best educational opportunities that Pierce College has to offer.

Griffin helps pre-college students navigate the college’s admission process and ways to access student services.

“The core function of what I do on a daily basis is really to support faculty, equality, teaching and learning. It all stems from that,” she said.

The changes that are in the works currently aim to create more opportunities to have conversations about teaching and learning. Also, changes that will create more opportunities that will support students and staff at Pierce College Puyallup.

Griffin has not had to come face to face with adversity and considers herself lucky for not having to be put in that sort of situation. She does not single out either of the college campuses and generally likes to think of Pierce College as a whole rather than just one campus.

Her teaching experience, especially at the community college level, has had the greatest influence on her career and herself personally.

“It has been really rewarding to get to work with students around affirming their strengths and how those strengths and abilities fit with their educational career goal. I am passionate about this work,” Griffin said.

When Griffin was younger, her inspiration was her junior high band instructor, and she was proud to be a participant in that group. The night she received her tenure at Pierce College she was actually celebrating with some friends in the same restaurant her former junior high band instructor was at. She then was able to thank him for his influence and how much it had meant to her.

Her hobbies include cooking, reading and being able to travel thanks to Pierce Colleges travel program.

“I’ve been fortunate to have quite a few travel experiences through Pierce Colleges continuing education travel program; I’ve been able to travel internationally to more than nine countries with Pierce.”

During her travels she had quite a few interesting things happen; take for instance the painting she has from Thailand which was painted by an elephant.

“I have also eaten turkey in Turkey, and spent the night at an E.R. in Florence, Italy.”

Each experience was special in their own way and thanks Pierce College for such great chances to travel. Her favorite kind of art is music and she currently has more than 5,622 songs on her iPod.

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Making the Dean List: Lori Griffin Dean of Transitional Education

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