Lucky charms, pre-game rituals of Pierce athletes

Rituals for sports around Pierce

Hannah Baldwin

Whether it be refusing to wash the jersey of a favorite team after a win, or making sure to get a certain amount of hours of sleep before an exam; rituals, superstitions and preparations are everywhere. Pierce College athletes are no exception to this rule.

Some of Pierce College’s athletes have their own pre-game rituals, lucky charms or superstitions that they follow, and while they may be able to play without them, it simply wouldn’t feel right.

Shawn Frisbie, left defense for the men’s soccer team, is one example of this.

On his left wrist, Frisbie, a freshman at Pierce, wears a bracelet that he has had since the end of his sophomore year in high-school.

“It’s always been a good luck item for me,” Frisbie said. “So, before every game, when we’re lined up, when my name gets called, I like to give a little recognition to it.”

The ritual started at the beginning of Frisbie’s junior year of high school. Frisbie hasn’t taken the bracelet off; nor does he intend to.

While Frisbie doesn’t believe the bracelet has any physical effect on him, he does think it helps him mentally. Frisbie believes that the bracelet acts as a center of mental balance for him.

“A lot of soccer is being mentally prepared and seeing what’s ahead of you,” Frisbie said. “I think it’s important to stay focused in that area.”

Another example of this is Rebeckah Julian, center defense for the women’s soccer team.

Though Julian doesn’t have a particular superstition or lucky charm, she does have a pre-game preparation.

Before every game, Julian makes sure she eats a breakfast consisting of oatmeal, a banana and water. Sometimes, she adds a yogurt as well.

“I feel like it gives me fuel to last the whole game,” Julian said. “It’s that carbohydrate that you need.”

Julian, who has been playing soccer since she was 5 years old, didn’t always eat this meal before games, nor did it originate with the games.

The idea started when Julian was in high school. Her school was in the early mornings, so she knew she needed something quick and easy that would give her enough energy to last the day. Oatmeal did the trick.

The idea later developed when Julian was at a hotel. The continental breakfast being served in the morning displayed an array of non-healthy foods. Julian, who wanting something better for herself, chose some oatmeal and a banana.

“I needed to find something quick and easy that I could get that energy I needed,” Julian said.

Later that day, Julian had a game. She realized the oatmeal and banana she had eaten fueled her for that game. From then on, this became her pre-game preparation.

Preparations and rituals can differ. Julian’s pre-game ritual has a more physical effect on her, giving her the energy and strength to get through a game, while Frisbie’s assists him mentally, centering his focus.

As much as the two rituals may differ, one thing remains the same; the game wouldn’t be the same without them.


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Lucky charms, pre-game rituals of Pierce athletes

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