Lost and not yet found

Lizzie Duke, Reporter

Within the first three days of winter quarter, 12 items were turned in to the lost and found located in the campus safety office in the Gaspard Administration Building.

Currently unclaimed are three laptops, three iPads, multiple wallets and purses, cellphones, canes, clothing, a hotel key, a Papa John’s gift card, a bow tie, a plethora of coffee mugs, calculators, umbrellas, iPods, scooters and a shoe.

“They (the students) always come looking for their cellphones,” Alex Keeler, campus safety officer, said.

During fall quarter, 227 items were turned in, 120 of which weren’t picked up. If the item isn’t initially dropped off at the lost and found, it’s dropped off in another office, then brought to campus safety. Student identification cards, however, get turned into Student Programs and mailed back to the owner.

If a student goes to the lost and found looking for an item that hasn’t been turned in, campus safety personnel takes their phone number and contacts them if it arrives. There are many ways campus safety officers handle unclaimed items. If there’s any information about the owner of the missing item, campus safety officers get ahold of them.

If items aren’t claimed, then at the end of the quarter campus safety officers shred items that can be shredded, such as credit cards and papers, sell textbooks back to the
campus bookstore and give all cash to the Pierce College Foundation.

The rest is donated to Goodwill, unless the item is turned in close to the end of the quarter, in which it’s kept until the end of the next quarter.

“They’re pretty good here about turning stuff in,” Keeler said of the Pierce students and staff.

On one occasion, a student came to the campus safety office in tears after losing her wedding ring, which had been turned into the lost and found earlier that day. Another student lost her guitar two or three times and retrieved it from the lost and found.

Occasionally, items such as retainers are turned in but often left unclaimed.

“If they’ve lost anything at all, check with campus safety,” Sergeant-Supervisor of Campus Safety Maureen Rickertsen said.

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Lost and not yet found

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