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Adeline Lopez-Rocha juggles her time between being a mother and student

Andrea Mendoza, Reporter

Taking care of children, maintaining a marriage and working toward a degree can often be challenging, but mother Adeline Lopez-Rocha proves that all is possible when one wants to achieve one’s dreams.

“It’s not impossible to do all these things, but if you really want it and are able to make the sacrifice, you can do it,” Lopez-Rocha said.

Lopez-Rocha, a Mexican-American mother of two, is a student at Pierce College Puyallup. During the day, she’s a full-time mom, but in the afternoons and evenings she’s a part-time student. Having the full schedule of a student, mother and employee means that those in similar positions are forced to make these sacrifices.

Before getting pregnant, she took classes at Everest College to become a licensed practical nurse. She recalls her experience in college, being one similar to those of many other college students, but when she received the news she going to have a child, her life completely took a turn.

“I remember when I first got pregnant, I was scared,” Lopez-Rocha said. “I was young and I was in the middle of finishing up my certification up in Everest and I wanted to keep going to school.”

Being a mother and attending college hasn’t been the easiest task for Lopez-Rocha.

She wants to work as a registered nurse and is currently taking the prerequisite classes to apply for the nursing program. Her motivation for going to school is to give her family a better future.

“I want to be a nurse because it’s more secure than an LPN because nurses are needed everywhere,” Lopez-Rocha said. “It’s harder for me to find a job because I have to say I have a kid. I can’t just deny him, but unfortunately employers find that as a bad thing.”

Lopez moved to the United States at the age of 7 with her parents. Once here, she started school, learned how to speak English and helped her parents work.

 “My life was pretty much like the one of any other immigrant,” Lopez-Rocha said. “Being an immigrant didn’t really stop me from having a nice childhood. I lived my life like any other person. I’m here alive, kicking and studying.”

Lopez-Rocha is supporting her family as her husband Kevin is battling cancer.

“Kevin is a strong man,” Lopez-Rocha said. “I feel like I want to help him, but at the same time, I can’t be near him because he’s doing all his treatment and I’m pregnant. I know he wants to be near me and feel the baby. It’s so heartbreaking.”

The couple now has a 3-year-old boy and 3-week-old boy.

Pursuing a degree has its challenges, but being a mother and a wife, all while studying and finding a job, can seem impossible. But, Lopez-Rocha strongly encourages mothers to pursue their degrees.

“When you have all these things going on, yeah it’s easy to give up,” Lopez-Rocha said. “There is nothing more valuable than being a great role model to your child and that’s why I’m here. I want my child to know the importance of having an education.”

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Associates in motherhood

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