Lifelong resident becomes Puyallup’s newest mayor

Troy Tooker

Senior Reporter

There’s a new mayor in town elected Jan. 7, and her name is Julie Door. Door, a lifelong Puyallup resident, runs a chiropractic clinic and has been active in the community since 2013.

In her interview with Josephine Peterson of The Puyallup Herald, Door mentioned she didn’t originally plan to be a part of politics. This changed in 2013, when she led her community to pass an ordinance that would prevent sex offenders and violent felons from living in local halfway homes.

Following her push for the ordinance, she ran for office and was elected to an empty seat that same year to a seat for district 3, which encompasses Pierce College and the surrounding area. She was then re-elected for district 3 in 2017. These were the actions that earned her the position on the council.

More recently, she has begun a tag on social media known as #LoveMyPuyallup to garner support and appreciation for the community. At her election meeting, family and friends filled the room to show their support for Door, who spent her time during breaks attempting to talk to everyone, shaking hands and thanking her family for their support. Upon her entering the mayor’s role, she immediately took charge and led the meeting for the rest of the agenda.

According to The Puyallup Herald, the Puyallup Police Department has outgrown their current location and has been requesting a new building for over 10 years. In response, Door looks to push a bond that will provide the funding necessary for a new building in the hopes that it will help the officers of Puyallup expand.

She also looks to improve the Puyallup’s homeless situation, having been against the homeless zoning ordinance back in 2018 which prevented shelters from being set up within 1,000 feet of any residence, schools, and other areas deemed an acceptable site under a development agreement.

Door also worked to prevent the power of local government from consolidating to one person by rejecting the strong mayor form of government in April of 2019. Door’s vision for Puyallup is that of a lifetime resident, and one that will show in the way she governs.

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Lifelong resident becomes Puyallup’s newest mayor

by Troy Tooker time to read: 1 min