Letting our hair down

Reporters Kristen Phillips and Jacob Bush analyze what men and women’s hair says about their personalities


Kristen Phillips


First impressions often define how we remember a person and a common feature to strike attention is someone’s hair.

Though it varies between men and women, hairstyles display a variety of nonverbal communications to others. Hair is an individualistic expression and the length, style, volume and color of one’s hair can reveal distinct personality traits and study habits.


Big, voluptuous do: The size of the hair can often be reflective of the personality. It’s either go big or go home. These people say it how it is and aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in. Those with voluminous, teased hair often reflect a glamour girl diva personality. They keep their hair well maintained and enjoy experimenting with up-dos and hair accessories to perfect their persona. As a student, they are perfectionists and often take notes with multi-colored pens.


Long-haired lovely: Students with long hair are connected and invested in what they do. They are focused and attentive, noticing precise details. Though they may be more quiet and reserved, they are keen observers of their surroundings. They sit on the outsides of the rows and prefer to keep to themselves, unless called upon.


Messy bun and scrunched: These hairstyles most often indicate a busy lifestyle. As students they rush through their assignments in attempts to get more accomplished in a short amount of time. They tend to have a variety of activities and interests and typically have an extroverted personality.


Au Nat-ur-al: Those who prefer not to style or apply product to their hair generally have a laid back, passive personality. As students, they are quick to memorize and internalize concepts rather then to be studious note takers. They are confident and often sit in the front row. They are passionate and dedicated to their studies and are quick to raise their hand and voice their opinion.


Short frenzy: Those with a freshly trimmed, above-the-shoulder cut are most often seeking a new look. They are inclined to a fresh start, a new beginning with a definite statement. Short hair is seen as more mature and sophisticated as opposed to innocent and fun. As students, they are inclined to taking risks and challenging courses to broaden their knowledge.


Luscious locks: Ranging from the perfect spirals to a mop of ringlets, curly hair often gives the impression of an enthusiastic and happy-go-lucky personality. As a student, they are hard-working and diligent in turning in their work on time. They are avid participants in classroom discussions and are quick to help others understand difficult concepts.


Creatively colored: Those with un-natural colors in their hair have the desire to be different with an emphasis on originality. They’re wild and carefree and are not afraid to make a statement. Often this can come across as feisty and with attitude, but it’s all a part of what makes them unique. As a student, they are quiet and reserved in the classroom setting. They prefer to doodle and draw in the margins of their paper and often have a unique artistic flair.


Braid me away: Braids have re-emerged into a popular trend. Waterfall braids, bang braids, snake braids, fishtail braid and French braids all are creative ways to add flair to an otherwise simplistic hairstyle. Braids capture a sporty yet chic personality, truly getting the best of both worlds. These students are productive and detail-oriented, often displaying that of an overachieving personality.


Jacob Bush


Is there a connection between people’s hairstyles and their study habits? Are personality traits and interests controlled by their choices or by hair? Style has a way of opening an interesting window into a person’s thinking, so much so that a personality profile can be made of students just by the cut of their hair.


Disclaimer: These are generalized observations of undisclosed students at Pierce College.


The military cut: The name of the hairstyle says a lot of a person. This person is calculated and precise, arriving to class at least five minutes early every day. They’re disciplined and studious note takers who tend to be more introverted, but nonetheless still friendly once you get to know them. Due to their detailed, mechanical-like nature, they’re likely to major in the fields of a science or technology.


Long hair, don’t care: As the name may suggest, long hairstyles tend to display traits of a relaxed, carefree student. These students don’t take many notes as they prefer to remember things based on what they see and hear. These students are the fastest test takers of all and tend to be confident in their answers. These students are most comfortable majoring in music or the arts because they tend to value concepts over specific data.


Balding: These students tend to be more experienced. As a result they are often talkative and willing to share the insight they’ve gathered over time. They also are determined and hard working. Often times these students will major in a field not related to what their former hairstyle would be associated with.


Short hair, straight: These students tend to be straightforward with a calm temperament. This hair type tends to be overall the most popular and therefore will demonstrate some variety in length or style. However, these students, due to the simple nature of their hair, are somewhat natural masters of complex mathematics. They can be found in many business, accounting and advanced math classes.


Short hair, styled: Students with styled short hair have a bit of flair built into their personalities. They are often finished with their work quickly and ready to begin the next task. These students tend to sit in the front and back of classrooms but never in the middle. They will often be the students coming to class just a second late. These students tend to major in science but mostly liberal arts as they demonstrate high verbal and written communication skills.


Short hair, curly: The curly hairstyle is a mixture of the styled short hair and straight short hair personalities. They, unlike styled hair, always sit in the middle but never in the front or back. As test takers, they check their answers several times for inaccuracies. They’re disposed to hard work that requires focus over extended time periods, while this may be beneficial to many majors this hair style is most likely among computer oriented, technical jobs that require attention to minute details.


Hats and beanies: Students who hide their hair are in a sense hiding their personalities. In hiding, they’re being low key and are likely to sit near the door. These students like to get in and out of their classes with minimal interaction with other students but will not hesitate to find answers to questions they have. They’re solitary yet productive and tend to be quick and accurate test takers. Their majors are dependent on the type, size and brand of their head wear.

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Letting our hair down

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