Letter to the Editor: Public Education

Imagine being so dead set on not going to college and making it on your own. That is how I was as a sophomore. I loved high school I loved everything up until that point. And now im in running start. What a change in mindset in just nine months. When I started my sophomore year I realized how horrible public school teachers truly are. In three of my classes I had teachers who did nothing but talk about how my they hated their job. 

Also, where I was supposed to find relief in the day I was finding dreadful. Orchestra was always a special time in the day for me. Until I got a new teacher who began and was horrible straight off the ba he did not apply himself inside or outside of the classroom. This meant that four out of my six classes were dreadful. 

With this I ask the public school’s system to get in check and hire good teachers or else you will drive kids like me out of the high school. This is what happens and it is not just me so please public schools, please hire better teachers. 

-Cameron Lindgren, 16

The Puyallup Post allows students and community members to write letters to our editor to express their ideas without censoring. This letter has been left in its original format and contains the original grammar and word choice as sent to The Puyallup Post. 

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Letter to the Editor: Public Education

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