Letter to the Editor: College Success

I would like to propose the notion of exterminating the College Success class at Pierce College. As a first quarter student at Pierce College Puyallup, I was exasperated to find that my primary source of stress-inducing work would stem from an unnecessarily obligatory College Success class. College Success claims to prepare students for the hardships of college work, yet proves to culminate to over a dozen weeks of mindless busy work.

In a small survey, a class of 23 students supported the idea of expunging the course. The widespread disdain for the program shows that the class produces more negative impressions than positive outlooks.

The course syllabus states that the intention is to teach responsibility, self-motivation and management and independence. I find that these are skills that should be acquired by us students far before we begin our college lives. Perhaps if we were to be taught to practice these skills beforehand, in high school, for example, we would be better prepared for the work that accompanies college classes.

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Letter to the Editor: College Success

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