Letter to the Editor: Campus Parking

Being late to classes is not good. Being late because you couldn’t find parking happens a lot here on campus. You see it almost every day when you sit down in class and there are people walking in 15 minutes late because they couldn’t get parking. This is an issue at pierce Puyallup that needs to be considered. 
some may say that to make more spots you would need to tear out the greenery around the parking lots to expand them and this is true, but it would be for education of many of the hard-working students at pierce. Our education is important and every minute counts. But circling one parking lot at a time is a waste of precious time that could be spent in the class room learning or getting help.  More parking spots would not only help the students but the faculty as well. Just the same as the students when a teacher is late that’s good time that could be used for learning inside is wasted on time parking outside.
        This said, more parking spots will only benefit the pierce college community.

~Isabelle Marks, a concerned student at pierce college Puyallup campus

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Letter to the Editor: Campus Parking

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