Letter from the Editor

A letter from The Puyallup Post’s Editor, Daniel Malgren

Daniel Malgren
Editor In Chief

This past week I was walking into the Gaspard Administration Building, professor Chris Vanneson stepped aside to open the door and let me through.  My instant reaction was to step back and let him go ahead of me, as an act of respect, but he kindly ushered me forward and said, “You go first, you are the future.”

His statement struck me, as I had never been shown such respect from an adult before when they viewed me as the future of anything.  Days later, I attended the Veteran Panel where students asked Pierce veterans various questions about their service.  One of the veterans commented that the best thing we as citizens can do to honor veterans is to take advantage of the opportunities they fight so hard to give us.  That it is the highest form of respect to make something of our lives and show veterans the sacrifices they make every day are not in vain.

These two experiences within the same week were an incredible eye opener to the respect shown toward our generation.  The fact that many of us make crude remarks about how our generation is incompetent and headed for disaster not only signs the death sentence on ourselves, but writes off all those who have served and sacrificed that we might have a better future.

Within the coming weeks we will all be getting ready to register for winter quarter. The anxiety of not getting the classes we want and the pressure of finals drawing closer often places us between a rock and a hard place, not knowing what to do with our lives and often lowering our expectations for ourselves to not try our hardest and achieve all that we can be.

As this year draws to a close, remember that we are not here solely for ourselves.  We are here, learning, not to draw attention to our abilities, but have our lives reflect the sacrifices of those who guide us through our everyday lives.  Whether they are serving on the front lines overseas, or in the front row of a classroom, our lives will reflect what impact they made in this world and our generation. It’s our duty to ensure that their efforts in our lives were not in vain.

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Letter from the Editor

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