Letter from the Editor: Welcome to the new, refined The Puyallup Post

A letter from Co-Editor-In-Chief Chase Charaba.

Chase Charaba, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Dear readers,

You know how a house, after years of being lived in and worn by the environment, has to be painted? Cracks in the walls have to be filled. Roofing has to be replaced. Remodels have to be completed to improve functionality. An old house is made new.

It’s safe to say that The Puyallup Post has had its siding chipped and its paint faded by the Washington rain. While new paint has adorned the newspaper over the years, there was still an underlying problem. Our house needed to be remodeled.

Since publishing its first issue in 1994, The Puyallup Post has been the voice of the students of Pierce College Puyallup. For the past 22 years, the Post has written in-depth articles on various topics for both print and online. The Post has constantly been adapting so it can float on the ever changing tides of journalism, whether it be installing a new theme for puyalluppost.com, or launching new multimedia and video sections.

Our house has been remodeled and added onto this year.

You hold in your hands a new era of The Puyallup Post, one that’s entirely student-led and constantly looking to better serve the students.

Our completely redesigned print edition is like a clean slate. We’ve taken the best parts of The Puyallup Post from previous years and added our own new identity.

We’ve introduced a new logo and new branding to better reflect our digital-first ambitions. Fonts have been replaced and simplified to better focus on the content of our pages and to improve readability. Section headers now guide readers through our pages, and a table of contents has been added to page two to better direct you to content you’re interested in. Our Comments Corner section was renamed Opinion to better reflect the variety of opinion articles we’ll be writing, and we’ve introduced a new Focus section of special topics to be included in our newspaper once each quarter.

The Puyallup Post will also be cutting its production schedule from 12 editions each school year to nine, while also increasing our average length from 20 to 28 pages. This will better allow us to produce high-quality stories and feature packages.

On the digital side, we’re discovering new ways to bring you news and entertainment. This year we’re putting an emphasis on video and multimedia content and looking to introduce podcasting to our website.

We’re excited to introduce things we haven’t been able to do before, and we hope that you find these changes helpful and more in-line with our mission to serve the students of Pierce.

Best wishes,

Chase Charaba

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Letter from the Editor: Welcome to the new, refined The Puyallup Post

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